Water plants images. Water Plants Stock Images - Download , Royalty Free Photos

Water plants images. Water Plants Stock Images

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80+ Free Underwater Plants & Underwater Images - Pixabay

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Generations ago, people believed that anything green that was not considered an animal was a plant. In , a modern classification of plants was proposed by plant ecologist, Robert Whittaker, who gave five divisions: monera single-celled organism , protoctista mainly fresh water aquatic plants , fungi ascomycete, basidiomycete, chytria and penicillium conidiophor , plantae algae, all seaweed and kelp and animalia sponge, jellyfish, insect, etc. The role of aquatic plants is so essential for survival that they belong to two divisions: Plantae and Protoctista. Aquatic plants, also termed as hydrophytes or aquatic macrophytes, live within watery environments. In the ecosystem, aquatic plants serve as food and habitat for animals living in the sea and prevent shorelines, ponds and lakes from eroding by providing soil stability.