Munich olympics terrorist attack. The Story Behind The Masked Horror Of The Munich Olympics

Munich olympics terrorist attack. Munich 1972 Olympic Games

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Munich massacre - Wikipedia

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The West German invitation had been extended, in part at least, to offer the world a contrast to the horrifying spectacle of Berlin. The spectre of the Mexico City Olympics also loomed over Munich. Ten days before the games opened, hundreds of students at Tlatelolco Plaza in Mexico City were gunned down by government forces, and the Mexican military was a conspicuous presence throughout the Games. The day of terror began at am on September 5, , when eight Palestinian militants affiliated with Black September —a militant offshoot of the Palestinian group Fatah —scaled a fence surrounding the Olympic Village in Munich. Disguised as athletes and using stolen keys, they forced their way into the quarters of the Israeli Olympic team at 31 Connollystrasse. As they attempted to enter Apartment 1, they were confronted by Yossef Gutfreund, a wrestling referee, and Moshe Weinberg, a wrestling coach.