Winchester mystery house images. Winchester Mystery House - Wikipedia

Winchester mystery house images. Winchester Mystery House

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A Virtual Winchester Mystery House Tour: Photos, Tours, and Ticket Information

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Winchester Mystery House. Winchester Repeating Arms Company heiress Sarah Winchester was convinced the spirits of those killed by her family's rifles haunted her. Her misguided reasoning led her to build an architectural oddity of a house -- one of the strangest in the United States. Just in time for Helen Mirren's "Winchester" movie, TheWrap talked to Winchester House historians to unearth 13 things you probably didn't know about the famous structure. Sarah Winchester kept building the house continuously for 38 years, giving the house the record of the longest continuous home construction in the Guinness Book of World Records. The only time construction stopped was briefly after the earthquake, which trapped her in one of the house's rooms for several hours. Winchester, obsessed with the number 13, built 13 bathrooms — but there was only one shower in the whole house.