Love is a place. Poem of the Week, by ee cummings – Alison McGhee

Love is a place. Love Is A Place

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love is a place | Quotes and Sayings | Love poems, Poetry quotes, Poems

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But his erotic poetry is a bodily and Taoist figuration of his underlying pataphysical conception of love. To Cummings, to make love is to actualize the proposition as if in its singularity, rather than merely treating it as metaphorical, as metaphysics does, smoothing out its idiosyncrasies to make general rules and laws and words. He is known for his erotic poetry, but I wish to explore not only his eroticism, but the pataphysical and philosophical implications of his poems about love itself , about what it means to make love. Cummings views love as a proposition, as if , that must be nurtured and treated as real, not simply regarded as ideal or abstract. For Cummings, love is an idiosyncratic creation, a laughing exception to the norm, which reveals that the norm is but a chance collection of convenient exceptions. This is pataphysical, and this keeps the topic of love entirely open.