Pics of 12 weeks pregnant. 12 Weeks Pregnant

Pics of 12 weeks pregnant. Is This a Photograph of a 12-Week Fetus?

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12 Weeks Pregnant

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I am not here to judge nor debate whether or not a woman should have a abortion, but to educate so she knows what a 12 week old fetus looks like. As for the translucency of the skin, that is a hard thing to capture. I hand-paint each one of these in multiple layers, but the transparent very thin skin of a 12 week old is difficult to portray in resin. These dolls were the subject of some controversy in October when they were handed out to Halloween trick-or-treaters in Georgia by a pro-life group. Right-leaning commentators exploded into outrage after an incident in which the Stars and Stripes was briefly dropped to the ground amid joyous celebrations.