How long has skiing been in the olympics. How long has freestyle skiing been in the Olympics

How long has skiing been in the olympics. how long has cross country skiing been in the olympics

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Alpine Skiing - Winter Olympic Sport

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Before it was a sport, skiing was an important means of transportation. The exact origin of skiing is unclear, but there is evidence that Scandinavians were using skis to travel and hunt over snow-covered terrain as far back as 4, years ago. Organized slalom races were first introduced in Europe during the s and the first world championship was organized in Shortly thereafter, Americans caught on and interest in this country snowballed throughout the s. Alpine skiing made its Olympic debut at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Games with a men's and women's combined event, featuring a downhill and two slalom runs. Giant slalom first appeared at the Oslo Games and the super giant slalom, or super G, was added at the Calgary Games.