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Greta Gerwig regrets working with Woody Allen, says she'll never work with him again

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Greta Gerwig born August 4, wrote and directed Lady Bird The film garnered strong reviews and several Oscar nominations, an impressive accomplishment for a first-time solo writer and director. She co-wrote and starred in the well received Frances Ha and Mistress America , and is romantically partnered with director Noah Baumbach. Greta Gerwig's film Lady Bird is about a year in the life of a high school senior in Sacramento who's dubbed herself "Lady Bird" and is trying to find her place in the world. Like Lady Bird, Gerwig grew up in Sacramento and attended an all-girls Catholic high school though Gerwig graduated in , while Lady Bird is in the class of ; Gerwig's parents also have similar careers to Lady Bird's mother and father. However, Gerwig draws a line between herself and her character.